Multi-use sports & events facility

The Waimakariri District Council has proposed building a four-court multi-use indoor sports facility on Coldstream Road, Rangiora, as part of its Draft Long Term Plan.

to ensure this proposal gets included in the LTP so it can be completed as soon as possible.

Currently the Waimakariri District does not have adequate indoor courts to cater for the increase in demand across a variety of sporting codes.  Population growth and greater diversity in our community has brought with it sporting and recreational opportunities, many of which are not being fulfilled due to a lack of suitable venues.

Sports that we know are popular in similar communities around NZ have not been able to get established or grow due to insufficient court space and availability.  Futsal, volleyball and badminton are three such sports, but there are many others in this situation as well.

The North Canterbury Sport & Recreation Trust has been slated to operate this facility, ensuring that the wider community benefits from it in every way possible with activities for all ages and linking in with the other sport and recreation programmes run by the Trust.

Please make your submission on the Waimakariri District Council website to ensure this facility is built without delay.




Fill out your details then select option A under the Multi-Use Sports Facility header.  Add your comments about why this facility is important to you and the community, and submit.

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The proposed multi-use indoor stadium is a facility that will benefit the whole Waimakariri community and everyone who lives here.  Not just a sports stadium, the facility will provide a range of opportunities for events and activities across the diverse spectrum of recreational, social and economic needs in the community – now and into the future.

The Need

Population growth in the Waimakariri District in recent decades, together with the changing dynamics of sports participation, has not been matched by the development of certain community resources.  Waimakariri now finds itself well behind other regions across the country which have smaller populations but with modern and superior indoor sports facilities.

This situation, and the need for a new facility, will only become more extreme as the local population continues to grow.  Currently the district only has one community-owned indoor sports facility (Woodend Community Centre) with less than ideal school-based gymnasiums and halls required to cater for the growing demand from many sporting codes.  In many cases this is limiting the growth of these sports and the opportunities for our residents to participate in a wide range of activities of their choice.

It is also important that our local residents are able to participate in sport and recreational activities within their own community, rather than having to commute into Christchurch – which is also in a situation of not having enough indoor sports facilities to cater for growing club and community demand.

The Opportunity

A four-court indoor stadium, including a fitness centre, health service providers, based in the heart of a sporting hub incorporating football, hockey, tennis and cricket, will provide a fantastic resource for current and future generations.

The flexibility to run more activities, attract larger and higher level sports events, with centralised resources and all-day community access will create opportunities for people from every age group to make use of the facility in a variety of ways.

From preschool activities to organised school and social sports competitions, to gentle exercise and rehabilitation fitness classes – the opportunities go beyond just sports.

As well as sports tournaments the facility will also have the potential to host cultural and art events, trade shows, conferences, awards ceremonies, expos and other activities.  These events bring people and investment into the local economy to benefit many local businesses.

The Many Usage Options

Availability, size and cost of the indoor court space can play a role in limiting the growth of many sports and opportunity for our community to engage in a range of recreational pursuits all year round.

A multi-court facility with flexible spectator seating and court configurations will provide benefits for an extensive range of sporting codes from junior beginner levels right up to representative and even National and International competition.  
The ability to accommodate several different sports playing at the same time, as well as access during the day time, opens up opportunities for both mainstream and minority sports, as well as other non-sport users.


  • Netball – with Premier grade now playing indoors there is potential to play other club grades, run a netball academy and coaching clinics at a new multi-court facility, along with a busy social competition.

  • Basketball – North Canterbury’s champion Premier team and other club teams would train and play home games at a new stadium.  Friday night junior basketball growth means four courts would be a welcome addition and would allow for the more efficient hosting of junior and senior tournaments in the region.   

  • Futsal – this format of indoor football is hugely popular and several Canterbury and NZ representative players come from NC.  However we have been unable to establish local competitions or coaching programmes due to lack of venue and access.

  • Badminton – a once strong local club has virtually closed due to a lack of access to suitable local venue.  A multi-court stadium would encourage the renewed growth of this popular sport at all ages.

  • Volleyball – a popular sport at multi-court facilities around NZ it would find a place in the local community with a suitable venue.

  • Roller Derby – a popular women’s sport with a growing NC club that has been unable to find a suitable venue to train or have competition bouts.

  • Indoor Bowls – competitive sport for young and old with potential for growth - particularly at junior level - and with potential for local tournaments.

  • Table Tennis – another sport that can cover a wide age range and with great potential to grow in a suitable venue alongside other compatible sports.

  • Other potential sports – Korfball, Archery Tag, Dodgeball, Handball, Floorball, gymnastics & tumbling.

  • Fitness Centre & Group Fitness Classes – along with a fully spec’d fitness centre the multi-use facility will host a range of group fitness classes such as Mums and Bubs, functional exercise classes, preschool and children’s classes and CommCare/Back-to-Work programmes.

Community Use

  • Daytime Activities – with unrestricted access during the day there will be scope to run a range of preschool classes and activities such as Gymbaroo, inflatables etc alongside activities for seniors such as Silver Fitness, Move It, Table Tennis and Bowls activities.

  • Community Groups – a multi-court stadium will provide more opportunities and options for holiday programmes, youth, social and church groups, corporate groups and public walk-up users.


  • Cultural & Commercial Events – larger venues provide opportunities to host a wide range of cultural and commercial events such as Kapa-Haka festivals, art and trade shows, awards ceremonies, conferences and private functions.

  • Civil Defence – the stadium could be used as an evacuation point and emergency shelter in the event of a natural disaster.

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