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Need an extra push?
You don't have to be rich or famous to have your very own personal trainer!

When you first join any of North Canterbury's Mitre10 MEGA Fitness Centres you are entitled to 3 FREE half-hour programming sessions with one of our qualified Personal Trainers.  In these sessions they will work with you to create an individual training programme that is specific to your current level of fitness, health, weight management and personal fitness goals. 

And that's not all!  We encourage you to book a regular follow-up programming sessions with a Trainer to monitor your progress and update your programme.  Every 3-4 months is usually best.

Please note free sessions only apply when you FIRST JOIN the Fitness Centre, not when you renew your current membership.



Aside from your FREE programming sessions, all of our Fitness Centre Personal Trainers are available for you to hire for personal one-on-one or group training sessions to give you that extra push and help you  maximise results to achieve your goals!

These sessions can be very motivating and give you a real boost from being stuck in a stale exercise routine.  A PT can also help you refine and improve your technique, explore different options to achieve results, and help you safely return to exercise from injury or illness.

To book a session with one our our Personal Trainers simply talk to staff at the Fitness Centre, or call or email you gym using the contact buttons below.

Personal Trainer pricing:

Starting from just $30 per 30 minutes 

Group PT sessions are also available: enquire with Fitness Centre staff for prices

Please note: slightly higher charges apply for one-on-one sessions with our more experienced Trainers.

Stadium Fitness Centre
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PT Profiles 2021 SFC3.jpg
PT Profiles 2021 SFC2.jpg
PT Profiles 2023 Matt SFC.jpg
PT Profiles 2023 Cole SFC.jpg
PT Profiles 2021 PD.jpg
PT Profiles 2021 SFC5.jpg
Rangiora Fitness Centre
PT Profiles 2020 Neil.jpg
PT Profiles 2020 Shannon.jpg
PT Profiles 2023 Cam RFC.png
PT Profiles 2021 Holly RFC.jpg
Kaiapoi Fitness Centre
PT Profiles 2021 JG KFC.jpg
PT Profiles 2021 Holly KFC.jpg
PT Profiles 2023 Cam KFC.png
Oxford Fitness Centre
PT Profiles 2020 Elsie.jpg
PT Profiles 2022 Kathryn OFC.jpg
Amberley Fitness Centre
PT Profiles 2023 Charlotte AFC.jpg
PT Profile AFC Lily.jpg
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