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6th March 2022



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The Rakahuri Rage is a 6-hour team mountain bike relay race held in March on tracks near the Ashley River at Rangiora.

This family-friendly event offers a challenge for riders of all skill levels and experience.  You'll compete in a team of 2-4 riders, or as a solo rider, over a 6km loop course featuring single track and stop bank roads.  The team which completes the most laps during the 6-hour race wins.

One of the main aims of the Rakahuri Rage is to create a relaxed and social atmosphere, where riders young and old of all abilities can safely compete in a team environment, encourages fitness and fun with a real North Canterbury flavour..  We love to see people new to the sport taking part and many of our entrants have enjoyed it so much they have made mountain biking one of their main recreational hobbies.

So whether you’re a lycra-wearing speed freak or just a weekend warrior, there is a place for you in the Rakahuri Rage. 

The Rakahuri Rage is open to riders 12 years and over, with a variety of team categories, including...

  • Corporate  

  • Mixed  

  • Open Men’s & Women’s  

  • Veteran Men’s & Women’s (over 35 years)  

  • Old Cranks (over 50 years) 

  • School    

  • Family     

  • Junior   

  • Solo riders (10 only)

All proceeds from the Rakahuri Rage go to the MainPower Waiswim Primary School Swimming Programme & the MainPower Primary School Sports Coaching Programme.  Thank you for your support.

We're still finalising the 2022 Rakahuri Rage Course so the map shown at right is indicative only.

The Start Line (red) is for the first lap only - first lap riders will stay on the road for an extended time to allow for spreading out before hitting the single track.

Rakahuri Rage Full Course Map 2020 small.jpg