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The North Canterbury Sport & Recreation Trust

- keeping our community fit and active

Since its establishment in 1983 the North Canterbury Sport & Recreation Trust has focused on providing opportunities for everyone in our community to engage in sport and recreation pursuits for their improved health and wellbeing.  With the support of our local district councils, sponsors and funding partners we now provide programmes for every age group to help promote the benefits of remaining fit, healthy and active for life. 
In addition the NCSRT manages high quality fitness centres and sporting facilities, organises sports and community events, and works with local sports clubs and schools to provide a wide variety of sport and recreational opportunities and encourage active participation.
As a result of its grass-roots community involvement the NCSRT is highly respected across North Canterbury, and there are very few people whose lives have not been positively affected in some way by the Trust's activities.
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Stadium Fitness Centre is part of the new MainPower Stadium on Coldstream Road in Rangiora.  This facility is NEXT LEVEL in terms of equipment available and fitness programmes offered, which includes PRAMA and REVL group training, along with team and high performance opportunities for everyone.

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Described as one of NZ's best small-town gyms the Rangiora Fitness Centre boasts a huge variety of cardio and weights machines, Les Mills and other group fitness classes, Personal Training, a dedicated RPM/Spin room, an in-house cafe, physiotherapy services, a sauna and more.

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The Kaiapoi Fitness Centre is a well established gym in the heart of the town.  Don't let its humble exterior fool you, inside is a modern, full service gym featuring a diverse range of high-quality cardio and weights equipment, group fitness classes and Personal Trainers to help you in your fitness journey.

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OFC Gentle Exercise Class Jul 2019

Featuring some of the best views of any gym in NZ, the Oxford Fitness Centre is simply a great place to work out.  Unlike many rural gyms the Oxford Fitness Centre is fully equipped with quality cardio and weights machines plus offers Personal Training and some group fitness class options.

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The Amberley Fitness Centre is the Hurunui District's biggest and best gym.  This modern, full service facility has linked with Motus to offer physiotherapy and podiatry services as well as all normal fitness centre services such as Personal Training and group fitness classes.

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NCSRT Activities

The North Canterbury Sport & Recreation Trust's goal is to promote healthy lifestyles across our community by providing active sport & recreation opportunities for all ages.  While our community fitness centres form a major part of this, we also run a number of other programmes, activities and events across the district. 


Many of the Trust's activities focus on primary school age groups, as its there we can instill the skills, habits and enjoyment of sport and physical activity that has been shown to last for a lifetime.  But we don't stop there...

  • MainPower Primary School Sports Coaching Programme

  • MainPower Waiswim Primary School Swimming Programme

  • Pak n Save Rakahuri & Pegasus Zone Primary School Championships - Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming

  • Pak n Save Primary School Winter Sports Competitions

  • Pak n Save Sports Spectacular "Have a Go" Days

  • Cycle Sense Bike Training Programme

  • Rakahuri Rage 6-Hour Mountain Bike Race

  • School Holiday Programmes

  • Gymnastics & Sports FUN-damentals Classes for 0-8 Year Olds

  • Community coach development

  • Re-Activate Health & Wellbeing programme

  • Blue Brothers group fitness and social classes

MainPower Stadium Courts 01.jpg
North Canterbury's biggest and best sporting asset, MAINPOWER STADIUM, is now open for the community.
MainPower Stadium
Jesse Miniball 2017 01.jpg

MainPower Primary School Sports Coaching Programme

Our teams of coaches visit schools on a regular basis to engage children in a range of sports skills sessions teaching both fundamental movements and specific skills through drills, games, challenges.  Often these are linked to major sporting events (eg: Olympics), seasonal sports, and upcoming school sports events such as athletic sports and basketball tournaments.


All children are encouraged to participate in a supportive and non-competitive environment - and from there children can join local sports clubs or simply carry on playing socially and just enjoing being active through their teens and into adulthood.


The North Canterbury Sport & Recreation Trust promotes sports and recreational activity at every level of performance - from grass roots to international competition. 


A big part of this is recognising and celebrating the successes of our local athletes, clubs, coaches, administrators, officials, events and more through the MainPower North Canterbury Sports Awards.  This popular annual event brings together the business and sporting community from across the region.


The NCSRT also assists with funding and training assistance for our promising young athletes through the MainPower Youth Sport Scholarships.  These scholarships support up to 10 young up-and-coming athletes on their path to success at the highest level of their chosen sport.  Announced during the MainPower Sports Awards event, previous scholarship recipients have included Joe Moody, Anton Cooper and Angie Petty.

Local sports clubs and athletes are also able to benefit from our High Performance Personal and Team Training Programmes, where the NCSRT provides a specialist team trainer to develop the physical and mental fitness of each team member through targetted exercise programmes and fitness testing.



  • MainPower North Canterbury Sports Awards

  • MainPower Youth Sports Scholarships

  • High Performance Team & Personal Training

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High Performance Team Training



NCSRT Head Office - Ph: 03 975 5560   E:
MainPower Stadium - Ph: 03 975 5560  E:
Stadium Fitness Centre - Ph. 03 975 5560   E:
Rangiora Fitness Centre - Ph: 03 975 5556   E:
Kaiapoi Fitness Centre - Ph: 03 327 7892   E:
Oxford Fitness Centre - Ph: 03 928 3739    E:
Amberley Fitness Centre - Ph: 03 975 3543   E:

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